CoMotion Locations – The Best of Both Worlds

CoMotion Locations – The Best of Both Worlds

One of the benefits of being operating a small business, or being a freelancer, is having the power to determine where you work. Just like in real estate, the importance of location cannot be understated. Given the amount of hours you pour into your work, finding an environment that’s comfortable for you is crucial to your life satisfaction.

Recently, I’ve talked a lot about the working environment within the CoMotion Spaces and the opportunities that coworking can foster. It offers small businesses access to skills and resources that are often just an office or two away. And for guys like me, we have the chance to be those resources. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being instantly part of a wide-reaching network of members and even former members. But what I haven’t touched on (at least for a while now) are the location-based benefits of the two CoMotion spaces.

Without a doubt, the summer weather has a lot to do with this post.

In the centre of it all.

I spend the vast majority of my freelance life at CoMotion-on-King; so let’s start there. The obvious year-round benefit of this space is the downtown location. A handful of my clients are within walking distance; an undeniable convenience.  A quick, face-to-face briefing can happen at nearly a moments notice; depending on the situation, that can be a big boost to the efficiency of a project. And yes, I have enjoyed working with great clients who reside over 2,000 km’s from where I’m sitting, but it’s hard to replicate an in-person meeting.

A look toward Gore Park from the front doors of CoMotion On King.

Being a freelance writer who’s perpetually hunting new opportunities, there’s also the “fishing where the fish are” element. Being situated in a central business hub ensures exposure to potential clients. Even right here at CoMotion there are networking events o’ plenty. I never know who I’m going to run into, or who I might be introduced to, so having a few business cards on hand is essential. The wealth of restaurants and coffee shops in the CoMotion-On-King neighbourhood enables those introductions to turn into bigger conversations. (The number of meet-ups I’ve had at The Mule borders on ridiculous. Merit Brewing, Redchurch and Mulberry Coffeehouse would be right up there, too – all an easy walk away.) Plus, as a creative guy, just a stroll through the bustle of downtown streets, a visit to Gore Park, or even up to the rooftop-patio here provides some urban-stimuli that gets the ideas flowing.

Just far enough away from it all.

There are definite benefits to being where the action is. But there is at least as much to be said for giving yourself a little bit of distance. For me, that’s what the CoMotion 302 space offers. While my experience in that space is much less frequent (for all the reasons mentioned above) having the chance to write in a quieter environment can be of enormous benefit – in some cases, it’s a necessity. The space itself, while no less collaborative when the situation calls for it, is a little cozier with less wide-open space than it’s CoMotion-On-King counterpart. Nestled in an amazing neighbourhood and tucked under the escarpment, sitting on the patio is like a trip to cottage country. The peacefulness of watching the breeze brush over the trees clears the mind. It really is a beautiful spot. And if you’re into going for a relaxing lunch-time stroll, Gage Park is less than 10 minutes away.

The open commons area of CoMotion 302.

The great thing I find about the CoMotion 302 location is that the distance, or escape, is entirely perceived. Here in Hamilton, we are extremely fortunate to have the natural features and urban canopy that we do. You feel like you’ve escaped the city while being just 5 km’s from downtown. All the amenities and conveniences are a short bike ride, bus ride, or drive away – but nicely out of sight and out of mind.





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