Grow your Hamilton business with affordable office space built for entrepreneurs and small businesses, in an incredible coworking environment.



Grow your business in Hamilton with flexible offices and workspaces within a supportive coworking environment built for entrepreneurs and small business teams.

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Moving Towards A Better Way Of Working
In The “New Normal”

Coworking is a global movement to create innovative, collaborative and community driven workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments. Our 10,000 square foot facility in downtown Hamilton brings small businesses, startup teams, and entrepreneur professionals of all kinds together to operate their businesses under one roof. Members enjoy private offices or dedicated workspaces, while sharing common amenities (such as conference rooms, kitchen, etc) to keep overhead costs down. We have a unique, supportive community and two community managers on staff.

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We strive to be the best place to work

Coffee Shop

TIP: A CoMotion Commons Membership is about the same price as buying 2 large coffees a day (and our members get free coffee, tea, and snacks!)

Slow Wi-Fi
Noisy Strangers
Informal Meeting Spot
No mail services
No dedicated space to work
Staying long is seen is loitering

Home Office

While comfortable and convenient, a home office keeps you isolated which can lead to feeling unmotivated and unfocused.

Normal Wi-Fi
Less Professional Meetings
Address Privacy Concerns
Limited Space
No community

Leased Office

A commercial office can be risky for an entrepreneur just starting out. It's a lot of upfront effort that can be focused on growing your business instead!

Wi-Fi Expense
Work Focused
Expense to build and furnish
Business address
Fixed space on lease
Risky Long-Term Lease
Maintenance Costs
Janitorial Costs
Heat & Hydro Utility Bills

For small business owners, having a professional office or workspace to focus on business work is a necessity. Working from home can be isolating, filled with distractions leading to low productivity. Coffee shops are noisy with slow Wi-Fi and missing critical office amenities. Leasing an office can be expensive, risky and overwhelming.

CoMotion solves all of these problems and takes the best of a traditional big office space, but modernizes it and makes it a monthly membership instead of a lease so you can focus on building your business rather than worrying about fluctuating utility bills and office maintenance. Plus we have a supportive community to network with and be inspired by.

Who is best suited for coworking?

Small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, and startups looking to transition out of their isolated work environments such as home offices and cafes and into a creative workspace that will push their productivity to the next level.

What amenities can I expect?

A receptionist to greet guests, mail and printing services, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, kitchenette, patio, and lounge areas, are just some of the amenities to look forward to at CoMotion coworking spaces.

Why share a space?

Having a community of like-minded individuals working in the same space helps solve the problem of isolation that many freelancers and entrepreneurs experience while working at home.

9 Benefits Of Coworking

Work-Life Balance

Working from home can often make it difficult to separate personal from business work. Being in a coworking space will ensure you’re able to do your job in a distraction-free zone, and develop a more efficient work schedule and routine that fits your lifestyle.

Motivating Atmosphere

Increase your productivity and motivation to succeed by surrounding yourself with hardworking professionals.

Professional Environment

Members get access to book professional meeting rooms to meet clients, which adds credibility to your meetings vs. meeting in a coffee shop or at your home. We also have a receptionist to greet your guests, and coffee or drinks to offer your clients during a consultation or meeting.

Stay Connected

Working from home can be isolating. Having a community of like-minded individuals working in the same space helps to solve that problem and lets you escape the distractions of home. It also makes the work atmosphere more enjoyable, and space you can look forward to coming to each day.

Cost Effective

Having an all-inclusive monthly fee helps you predict your monthly business expenses and budget accordingly. Our memberships include heat/AC, hydro, infrastructure, maintenance, cleaning, and other costs that would typically fluctuate if you were on your own in a commercial space.


Your coworking space at CoMotion can grow as your business grows. Upgrade your workspace from a shared desk, to a desk that is dedicated to you, to a small or large office as needed.

Community & Networking

The community of businesses within CoMotion can prove to be a valuable source of new business, as well as a great opportunity to work collaboratively on projects. Having other like-minded, ambitious, forward-thinking entrepreneurs close by allows you to draw on the professional expertise of other members on issues relating to your business in an informal environment.

Events & Workshops

We offer and host free events and workshops for members that often include guest speakers from the community or educational presentations from members within the coworking space.

Tax Deductible

Amounts paid for coworking memberships are tax deductible.


Real Member Stories

CoMotion has afforded me so many collaborative and business-building opportunities I wouldn't have found otherwise. It's not just a community of creative, passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs - it's an idea factory and inspiration hub. The space is so warm and inviting. Plus, I'm not always at home having one-sided conversations with my dog, which is a plus!

Janine Duff
Janine DuffWord Slinger

Working at CoMotion has given me a unique opportunity to connect with like minded entrepreneurs and develop great business relationships. Since moving from my home office, I feel more connected to the entrepreneur community!

Sara Lang
Sara LangPrestige Digital

I've worked out of coffee shops for some time but CoMotion gives me the perfect environment for getting work done and meeting new professionals in the Hamilton area. Highly recommend stopping in for a day visit.

Nic Schulz
Nic SchulzSustain Change Canada

Your Community Managers


A Hamilton native, Larissa thrives at supporting entrepreneurs. She is CoMotion’s full-time Operations Manager as well as the Community Manager at CoMotion on King. She supports and facilitates the growth of the CoMotion community so that members and their businesses form beneficial relationships with one another. Larissa handles the day-to-day operations, fields requests, conducts tours and manages events.

Larissa brings a lot of creative energy and knowledge to the CoMotion community, with a background in production management and freelancing. She understands the ups and downs of startup businesses and was also a co-organizer of Startup Weekend Hamilton and Hacking Health.


Abi is closely linked to the entrepreneur community in Hamilton. She served as chair woman for Hamilton HIVE from 2013-2016, attracting and retaining young professionals to the City while organizing events and providing resources to local entrepreneurs. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Young Professionals Network of Ontario.

She is a Marketing and Communications Specialist, Events and Project Coordinator, Event Host and Master of Ceremonies, Journalist, Traveller and Adventurer.

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