Christmas at CoMotion

Christmas at CoMotion

A pillar of coworking is the feeling of being part of a community. That becomes even more apparent during the Christmas season. Here at CoMotion, the “12 Days of Christmas” have offered plenty of community-building activities – inside and outside the space.

Christmas at CoMotion offers a little something extra for members. Plenty of festive decorations to set the festive mood, but also some good, meaningful initiatives that help bring the community together. By my estimates, the balance is perfect. ‘Tis a busy time of year for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers. And, as many of my full-time comrades can attest, too much organized fun can amplify the stress of the season.

Ya give a little – ya get…a little of the warm n’ fuzzies.

The true benefit of these festive initiatives is engagement. It’s the chance to get out and interact with fellow coworkers and even do something nice for the community. The first half of the 12-Days included a clothing drive. Not only was this a perfect chance to do a little closet clearing, but it was an opportunity to collectively support St. Matthew’s House, a nearby charity. And when it comes right down to it, there are few things that capture the essence of the season like helping the less fortunate in our community.

Festively fun & easy.

More festive fun marks the second-six days, too. The casual nature of these makes them nicely accessible for everyone – regardless of workloads. Helping to make a Gingerbread House or, sneaking out and off the clock to enjoy some Eggnog on “Eggnog Day” (you can’t help but love the sounds of that) with a few office-mates is nice n’ easy.

The good-tidings-and-cheer culminates to a Christmas Potluck Lunch on the final Friday (which, if you’re reading this at publishing time, is but a couple days away.) Based on my experience last year, the Potluck is a nice, low-key way to take a well-earned breather and enjoy some tasty contributions from fellow members (Roma Pizza is my go-to), some good company, and some Christmas conversation.

A nice touch.

I think the best way to assess the Christmas Season at CoMotion would be, “a nice touch”. Many kudos must go to those who magically make it all happen – Abigail Santos and Larissa Drobot. Without a doubt, there’s plenty of time and effort required to deck these halls and spread the cheer. And, trust me, they both pull it off very cheerfully.


Friday’s potluck will also be a celebration of a new beginning on the horizon. Larissa will be headed off on Maternity leave – awaiting her turn to become a new mom! While she’ll be certainly be missed around the space, we’re all excited for her adventure that lies ahead!