Bringing Coworkers Together

Bringing Coworkers Together

One of the coolest parts of coworking is the opportunity to work amid the energy of other people, but doing so independently. Here at CoMotion there are a few gatherings that help you get to know those you’re working alongside.

It’s an interesting dynamic here at CoMotion On King. Some days there’s a flurry of activity, other days are a bit quieter. Entirely the function of the independent nature of this community. How much we interact with each other can often follow suit. And, as a freelancer, I can certainly attest that when things are busy, it’s easier – or required – that I just put the headphones on and get to work.

That’s why it’s nice to have the odd gathering that connects you with your fellow coworkers.

Recently, the two CoMotion Group locations came together at CoMotion On King for a Thanksgiving potluck lunch. This is always a well-attended event and everyone contributes a little something; this complements the coworking story pretty nicely. Everyone is part of the occasion, rather than just an attendee. Something about that enhances the community feel of it.

Not only was this a nice way to lead into the long weekend, it’s a cool, casual setting where striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before is made easy. Well, easier. Trips to the kitchen are always the central location for water-cooler chit-chat; add a casual lunch to the mix and all of a sudden there’s lot s of “So, what do you do?”, “Keepin’ busy?” and “What’s your story?” within earshot. And that’s how it happens.

I’ve seen more than a few business relationships develop over kitchen convos here.

And for those of us – well, all of us from time to time – with introverted tendencies, these little casual gatherings are a nice way to ease us into a bit of social interaction that has the potential to be rewarding. Of course, most of us have been subjected to situations where there’s a bit too much “mandatory fun”. Where office staff are corralled like cattle, often under the threat of proverbial or actual cattle-prods, and begrudgingly endure whatever activity they’re served up. The nature of coworking and the heterogeneous makeup of the membership makes that virtually impossible. But the balancing act is done nearly perfect here at CoMotion.

There are regular occasions to introduce yourself, but it’s on your terms.

The monthly gatherings here are a great way for new members to tell everyone who they are and what they do. This is a really great introduction to the essence of coworking – since your opportunistic audience may have a need for whatever it is you’re bringing to the table. And the milling about afterwards over a slice of pizza can often carry that introduction on even further. It’s also a chance to meet people who are in similar fields. Here you can find some help for whatever challenges you face, break into a new network, or simply find others to trade relatable war stories with.

It’s a unique part of the coworking adventure that CoMotion does really well. Regardless of how comfortable you are under typical ‘networking’ settings, these are pretty easy going. And, setting aside any potential professional benefits, it gives you the chance to meet a few new people and hear some interesting stories.


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