Happy New Year Announcements

Happy New Year Announcements

Well, we’ve made it and we have happy new year announcements to celebrate it with.

2020, that monster of a year is all but wrapped up and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Frankly, we have nothing but hope for what 2021 can bring because dammit, it better be good! Like, our new, blazing fast Fiber internet good!

All this is to say that 2020 was tough. It was tough for you, for us and for so many both in our community and around the world. So you know what? We want to get a head-start on making it better for you with some special announcements…


1. New Start Special Offers

Back in September we celebrated  our 5th anniversary with some special offers and originally, they were set to last until December 31. However, seeing how the year has gone for so many, we want to make sure that being a member of our community is easy and affordable. Therefore, until at least June 30th 2021, we will be continuing the following offers:

  • Five Months at Five-Hundred/mo – If your business is looking for an office you can sign up for an unconditional five months at $500 a month on any regular sized office.
  • First-Month Free – Whether you’re looking for an Office, a Dedicated Desk, or a Commons Membership, when you sign up for six months or longer, get the first month free.
  • Discounted DayPass & Commons Memberships


2. New Creative Content Studios

This update we are very excited about…

Starting January 2021, CoMotion will open two creative content studios in our space. These studios will be to help make content production easier for those running businesses, projects, or new endeavours in our community. They are:

  • Photo Content Studio – A photo-studio with access to lightboxes, lighting equipment and backdrop equipment. All to be used in the designated studio room, or throughout our space. Whether it is portraits of you or your product, we’re ready to support.
  • Podcast Studio – Transforming our Bunker meeting room into a podcast ready studio room complete with audio equipment ready to help you create.

With both of these new additions, CoMotion is introducing a Creator’s Pass and affordable hourly rates. Together, these help make sure both spaces and their equipment are accessible to those who need or want to create content. And to make sure we’re best serving the content creating community, both are very much “Works-in-Progress.” Let us know what you need to create and we can build them together!


3. Bigger, Bolder Health and Safety Precautions

From day one we have taken the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Across the past nine months we haven’t stopped at continually upgrading what we have in place to keep our community safe. As a business that relies on people being in our physical space, our members are our top priority. Please see below for an up to date list of all that we have implemented in the space to give you piece of mind:

  • Weekly deep clean with safe, non-toxic electrostatic fog
  • Nanoseptic covers on regularly used door handles and buttons
  • Masks must be worn moving through the space
  • Special one-way directions
  • Handsanitizer stations
  • Disinfectant spray regularly applied
  • Members required to spot disinfect before and after using a space
  • “Buddy Bottle” system for members to have their own disinfectant


So these are our Happy New Year Announcements, at least for now, but our happiest announcement is that 2020 is almost done!

Have a great holiday season!