CoMotion at 5

CoMotion at 5

Five years and feeling fine.

Can’t believe how the time has flown but CoMotion is five years old. From the bright and shiny days of 2015, to the …days… of 2020, here we are.

We honestly can’t be more thrilled to still be here, still be a part of this community, and still be supporting small and medium sized businesses in our community. The average lifespan of any startup is a nail-biting 20 months, here we are at 60 months, and with a wonderful network of friends, colleagues, neighbours, and CoMotion alumni who have not just made their own way, but continue to thrive as well.

As 2020 has shown us all, we may not always know what the future will bring, but we do know that the future, even our future, will inevitably change. However, at five years old, we are glad to know that on this day and in this month, we’re celebrating this milestone and want to celebrate with all other entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, and small and medium sized businesses in the city. 

And here’s how:

1. Five Months at Five-Hundred
If your business is looking for an office, for the rest of 2020 you can sign up at CoMotion for an unconditional five months at $500 a month. From now until December, no matter when you sign up, we’re reducing our membership prices to a monthly rate on any regular sized office of $500 per month for five months.

2. First-Month Free
Not much to say here, this is our classic, perennial offer. Whether you’re looking for an Office, a Dedicated Desk, or a Commons Membership, when you sign up on a 12 month lease, get the first month free.
And last but definitely not least our new…

3.  StartUp Spaces at CoMotion – $35 a Month
2020, and the last five months particularly, have been tough. And especially for some, these challenges have been compounded by the loss of business, of a business, or of a job through lay-offs or being let go. For all those who have faced extra challenges like these in 2020, and are now looking at freelancing or starting your own thing, for $35 a month we are setting aside a series of bookable offices to be your space to work as you tap into our community, our brain trust, and build your next big thing.  

2020 has been hard, and we feel blessed and immensely supported to have made it not only through the year, but through five years. We thank you so much for the love and support over the years, and hope these offers can make 2020 a little easier for you. 

Get started by booking a tour here.