Keeping the Passion in Your Business

Excitement. Passion. Falling head over heels in love.

Everyone’s heard of the concept, but would you consider this concept when you’re talking about your work?

It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs and business owners to invest all of themselves in their products or service. For many years before Covid, I was lucky enough to encounter such amazing people daily. To see them light up, the sparkle in their eyes as they discussed whatever they were working on. The long hours, the ups and downs. The constant juggling act we’re all in to get what needs to be done can be so much harder, especially if you are a business of one. I noticed these helpful tips to help keep motivation and passion in supply.

Build a Support System: Whether that’s a significant other, a mentor, a coworker, or a friend, find someone you can bounce ideas off or ask for advice.

Ask for Help: If you’re struggling to overcome an aspect of your project, look for feedback. I found this remarkable in the space. So many people from different industries were willing to help one another out.

Take a Moment: Take a moment to breathe. Often this is easier said than done, but it’s critical in helping you avoid burnout. Frequently it’s so easy to get caught up on every detail of whatever you are working on that you won’t always get to see the next steps or bigger picture.

Celebrate Your Success: Big or small. Take a moment to relish your accomplishments.

Pivot. If something isn’t working out for you (the project, the client, etc.), find a compromise, another way to do it, or know when to move on or start over. Regrouping can be so tricky, but sometimes it’s necessary to move forward.

Everyone has a system, a flow in the way they like to work. During these difficult times, it’s important to share what helps us keep our motivation. Feel free to share yours below.

Larissa Drobot

Director of Operations, CoMotion Group Inc