Tapping into the CoMotion Alumni Network

Tapping into the CoMotion Alumni Network

As a freelancer or small business, one of the major benefits of membership at CoMotion is being part of a network. But, what I’m now finding is that this network extends well beyond these walls to the alumni.

Life at CoMotion usually includes some amount of turnover – people moving in and people moving out. Start-ups often take up residence here and simply grow up and out of the space. While it can make for the odd sad goodbye, it’s generally something that’s celebrated. It’s a sign that good things are happening; business is good and new opportunities are presenting themselves. And, from a business-incubation standpoint, it’s a story that certainly enhances the value of a CoMotion membership.

Alumni connections.

What I’ve found interesting is how connected these businesses remain once they’ve left. Former members always seem to come back for the odd event or just keep in-touch with the comings-and-goings. It has parallels to the alumni community of a university. They recognize the value that CoMotion has provided, they have fond memories of their experience, and they enjoy their chances to support current members.

CoMotion events always draw a number of alumni.

In the past number of months, I’ve worked on projects with a few CoMotion Alumni. And my current membership status, and/or member activities, is how the connection was made. Whether it was the result of a recommendation from a fellow member or they’ve seen my work through the CoMotion channels, the opportunities that have arisen from being part of this network is undeniable.

A supportive community within a supportive community.

Hamilton has a uniquely supportive element to it; especially downtown. Almost by nature, people will offer some kind of boost to the start-ups and small businesses in this community. Our #HamOnt social media feeds are filled with updates and encouragements to check out the new shop in town.

The coworking community is an even tighter illustration of this. Seeing a former CoMotion member who has moved on to bigger and better things is a source of pride among members. And, in reciprocal fashion, those who have grown out of their shared office space recognize the value of where they came from.



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