Writing Under Sunny Skies

Writing Under Sunny Skies

Summer’s hit downtown Hamilton – at CoMotion, that means rooftop-patio time.

Call this an impromptu post; well, slightly less planned than my usual installments. In an effort to shake up a bit of a writing rut, I’ve opted for a change of scenery. Atmosphere and ambiance are powerful tools for us creative types. Here at CoMotion on King, that change is a flight of stairs away.

Now, work on my current project includes soaking up some morning sunshine amid a perfectly refreshing breeze. (This is one of those days where it may be a wee bit too toasty to venture up here later this afternoon!) Within view is some brilliant architecture of past-century Hamilton as well as yet-to-be-completed developments in the periphery. A glimpse down to the alley below includes some artistic graffiti – adding a cool grit that, admittedly, I’m a big fan of. The ambiance includes the distant sounds of construction; the continued development here in our core. Not loud enough to be intrusive, but you know it’s happening. The city din periodically interrupted by the hydraulics of buses stopping.

Enough activity to energize, but quiet enough to work. That’s a pretty cool asset for anyone working on any project.

And now…back to work!



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