Coming up for air

Coming up for air

Wild swings in workload is a challenge almost every entrepreneur faces. It’s a battle to ensure there’s enough work while maintaining the ability to get a few hours sleep every once in a while. 

Here’s a benefit you won’t find on the website – CoMotion is a great place to be working when you’re insanely busy.

A busy intro to 2020.

The first month-and-a-half of 2020 has been a mighty busy one for me. (Which, has certainly been reflected in my blogging frequency!) Based on my experience in the world creative communications, this is on the atypical side. Generally, here’s how it works. Clients and agencies tend to pack the final months of the year with as much as possible – powering through projects before the bell tolls at the end of the year. And, since December is a heavy-holiday month, it’s a full-on sprint from late November. I can only deduce that the reasoning behind this is to push those year-end numbers higher or, on the client side, max out productivity indexes. But usually the collateral effect of this approach is a very quiet January.

For whatever reason, this hasn’t been the case for me. And, as a freelancer, being busy is a good thing. But, managing the times when you’re excessively busy is a lot more comfortable at CoMotion than it would be at home or, say, a coffee shop.

The crucial benefit of mental breaks.

Giving yourself mental breaks is a key part of weathering the storm. I find doing that requires enough distraction to clear your mind – but, no so distracting that it impacts productivity. Here, a quick walk to the kitchen and a little chit-chat with a fellow coworker is a perfect break. Even the chance to vent about your day to someone who can relate is a big psychological benefit. A couple of my most recent mental breaks have included a quick introduction to a couple people I hadn’t met before as well as catching up with a few familiar faces. Working from a home office, or at a coffee shop, would make this impossible. Even a traditional small office would make this a challenge. Here, there’s diversity. You never know exactly who you’ll run into.

For me, it’s an intangible benefit that’s been invaluable.



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