T’is the season to be downtown

T’is the season to be downtown

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style / In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.”

There’s no place like downtown during the holiday season. CoMotion’s location on King gives you a daily dose of festive spirit.

This year, the doldrums of winter seemed to arrive early. A chilly November that included a sizable snowfall; rather unusual for Southern Ontario. But being here at CoMotion-On-King, I’m pretty happy with that. And, yes, no work location makes you completely immune from the annoyances and uncomfortable aspects of winter. Ice-cold wind is ice-cold wind no matter where you are. Knowing you’re going to have to face that doesn’t make getting out of bed (in the dark, no less) any easier. But, to me, the ambiance offered within the CoMotion space and outside on the city sidewalks provides that little nugget of motivation. Speaking as a freelancer, or anyone who works independently, this is a big benefit. Sure, freelancing affords you some inherent freedoms – in particular, the freedom to “opt out” of a cold and messy day – but when the experience of a winter day is actually something you enjoy, self-discipline gets a whole lot easier.

Photo credit: Downtown BIA (downtownhamilton.org)

Gore Park: Christmastime in the city.

Almost directly outside the CoMotion-On-King doors is Gore Park. For all the headlines, debates, and on-again-off-again demolition concerns, a post-work stroll on an crisp winter’s eve is about as Christmasy as it gets. The big and bright Christmas tree, the decorated lamp-posts, and the greenery displays peppered throughout the park; all amid the backdrop of our city’s classic architecture. It doesn’t take much to feel like you’re in the scene of holiday movie. Even if you don’t work downtown, I highly recommend spending some time in the late afternoon here. (Pro Tip:  During the month of December, you get 2 hours of street parking for free.)

The Gore Park Christmas Tree of Hope lighting takes place on December 7th from 5pm to 7pm. There will be live music, an appearance from Santa, and some maple taffy. This year, you can even take a ride on a Ferris wheel – sure to offer an amazing view of downtown. There will also be a Christmas Market in the park that will run until 11pm that evening and then again on the weekend.

Photo Credit: Tourism Hamilton

Shop local. Shop festive.

The central proximity to the shops in International Village and James Street North is another bonus. For one, they, too, dress up well in winter.  Plus, there something so traditionally cool about spending a lunch hour wandering from small shop to small shop in search of a few gifts. Maybe even warming up for warm and/or chocolatey beverage at a coffee shop along the way. (Got a sweet tooth? Pop into Chocolat On James for another movie-scene holiday setting.)

Even as I write this, a light snow begins to fall. Bring it on. For the time being, it’s like looking out at a postcard.

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It’s a good time to check the place out.

Whether you’re fan of winter or not, I definitely recommend bundling up and coming in for a visit. If you have a small business, work independently, or you’re a freelancer like me, you can drop in and get a 3-day pass. You can check the place out and get a sense of what it’s like to work here. But, don’t forget to check out the surroundings. Take a walk through the park, check out the Christmas Market, snap a few pics and maybe grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in the area.

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