The Benefits of Coworking at CoMotion

The Benefits of Coworking at CoMotion

Lack of medical  benefits is always a big hurdle for those thinking of leaping into the world of self-employment. But there’s a solution here at CoMotion – the Group Benefit Plan.

Medical benefits. If they aren’t the first thing that comes up in the “going out on your own” conversation, they’re definitely top-three.

Anyone who has ever contemplated bailing from the traditional 9-to-5 working world to start their own business, or to freelance, often ends up snagging on one simple question: “Yeah, but what about benefits?” Coming from an ad agency where this discussion was had fairly frequently, I heard this many times. Sure, there might have been opportunities out there waiting, but the allure of traditional, reliable, company-provided benefits was too hard to resist.

Membership has it’s benefits.

Here at CoMotion, there’s a solution in the works that helps offset some of that trepidation. The luxury of having a number of businesses under the one banner enhances the group-buying benefits. That results in something much more affordable than if you were to shop around for medical benefits as an individual.

This certainly plays right into, what I’ve found, is a beauty of coworking. On many levels, coworking provides a massive aid in your transition from a conventional occupation to something independent. The atmosphere itself provides an instant support network – and the resources all around you can help enhance your business. Providing a medical benefits plan is just another, though no less significant, way in which coworking can offer support for the independent worker and small business.

Growing your business amid a growing family.

This is especially important for those who are raising a family at the same time. For that segment, there’s no shortage of stress already. Ensuring health and well-being of the little ones is taken care of is, well, the first and foremost roll of any parent. So, having a plan in place that can help manage things like their trips to the dentist, or other medical expenses that aren’t covered, enables you to focus more on developing and growing your business.

If you’re peering in on this from one of the CoMotion spaces (and are a member), you can learn more about the available benefits packages from Larissa Drobot ([email protected]) or Abigail Santos ([email protected]). And, if you’re currently looking around for a place to set up your personal biz, book a tour and come check the place out!