The Shutterhare Start-up Story

The Shutterhare Start-up Story

Opportunity is everything. It’s the chance to show the world what we’ve got. Here at CoMotion, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to name, write for, and simply be a part of Shuttershare – an innovative start-up that’s revolutionizing the way we rent camera equipment.

Having the chance to work with fellow CoMotion members is, really, what coworking is all about. It’s small businesses tapping into the skills and expertise that may only sit a few metres away. And, for a freelancer like me, it’s finding opportunity in the range of businesses that share the space. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work with a few of the members here, but nothing quite to this degree.

Making photography and video gear more accessible.

Shuttershare was started by Harrison and Mackenzie Nolan; members who used to have a multimedia business here at CoMotion. Having dealt with the challenges of finding and renting the camera gear they needed, they developed a platform that enables people to list their equipment and rent it out to others within the community. A great way to make expensive equipment far more accessible, and a way for photographers and videographers who own equipment to generate some income.

I jumped at the chance to work on this. While I am a words guy, I’ve been part of enough video productions to know that Shuttershare was nailing an insight. This is the sharing economy in action – a platform that has the ability to elevate creativity and enhance content. That’s pretty cool. Plus, from a personal and professional perspective, having the opportunity to be part of the process so early made it even more appealing to me.

“Shuttershare” – the bracket-wining name.

Harrison and Mackenzie got me involved in this project before the name Shuttershare even existed. In fact, coming up with a name was the first action item on my list. And the way this unfolded was, well, unconventional to say the least. Typically, when I work with a client on a brand name, or brand identity, project there’s fairly standard process. I come up with piles of names, whittle them down to my selects, and provide a rationale for my top 3 or 4. Not so, in this case.

Shortly after submitting my selected names, along with the 50 or so others, the Nolan’s took a March Madness style bracket to social media. Each name was pitted against another – votes being gathered to help determine the winners. The blow-by-blow updates dialed up the intensity as the bracket narrowed down to the ‘elite 8’ and ‘final 4’. Finally, after many more hours than most would budget for this kind of exercise, “Shuttershare” was crowned champion.

This really was a testament to Harrison and Mackenzie’s approach. They aren’t afraid to do something different and they know how to engage. That’s the ideal pedigree of the start-up. And it’s a key reason why Shuttershare seems set up well for success.

Being part of an innovative start-up here in Hamilton.

Beyond the business naming, I was also able to write the Shuttershare website. But for me, just being part of the launch process was really rewarding. Right from the get-go, seeing an idea take shape and become a real, live business is pretty inspiring. And it was a chance to work alongside fellow CoMotion members, NVC Software Soutions, as they provided their expertise to bring the functionality of the platform to life.

The accelerating effect of coworking.

It’s hard to argue that, at the least, having a range of businesses and expertise at a start-up’s disposal can help accelerate its development. Really, that diversity of resources is the essence of coworking. For me, being in the right place at the right time was certainly a factor. But, being part of the CoMotion environment is what generated this opportunity.