New Year, new atmosphere

New Year, new atmosphere

It seems a lot has changed here at CoMotion since the calendar flipped. The atmosphere is better. The energy is better. And that makes the coworking better. 

As I pen this from one of my usual spots on the couches of CoMotion, I glance around the space and see a lot more than I used to. There are more conversations, more collaboration…just more stuff going on. Of course, that’s the net-result of more people. This has been an unexpected benefit of the consolidation of CoMotion spaces. It’s added a bit of business diversity to the mix. But it’s also added the intangible ingredient of new personalities. 

Today’s one of those days where you really relish the choice to be here. Behind this current tab, I’m grinding away on a couple projects – each of varying interest levels; not to mention taxes. Maintaining the required mental energy to manage said tasks can be challenging. But, borrowing from the ambient energy in the room seems to make this easier. 

It’s nice. Almost right out of the coworking handbook, this is ‘working on your own together’. It’s quiet enough to focus; but a conversation is only steps away. For me, that’s the kind of stimulus the creative nodes in the brain need. It’s an important element that’s hard to find if you’re sitting alone at the kitchen table. Even a coffee shop – where I do enjoy working from time to time – can be isolating. There may be activity, and it may be comfortable, but usually it’s devoid of any interaction. 

Here, there are ideas being shared. Well, ideas among other coffee-maker/ water-cooler chatter. But experience has shown me that opportunity can also lie in those kitchen-area chats. At some point, somebody’s business needs something – the kitchen is, often, where it gets brought up.. Sometimes it’s a need that you can help fulfill; other times it’s a chance to refer a friend or fellow coworker. 

Come by and check it out. Right now you can even try it for a few days to see what you think. Just head to the CoMotion website and sign up to book a tour.  


COVID-19: We’re doing our part to flatten the curve. CoMotion is temporarily closed to the public to protect our members. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.