Meet Up with Karen!

Meet Up with Karen!

CoMotion blog readers, meet Karen.

The awesome Karen joined our community in 2017, and has been a powerhouse of a member, making full use of the space, from events, to community connections, to building her own business.

So, what does Karen do?  Well, she operates an online business as an affiliate marketer, using content marketing strategies in the luxury travel industry. Karen does it all, she writes, photographs, builds websites, engages communities to drive traffic and manages affiliate relationships.

For Karen, this started as a hobby back in 2000, but eventually evolved into a business.  On this, she says “I was a very early travel blogger before that was even a thing. So much so that I started receiving travel influencer treatment starting in 2001.”

Through the community that Karen has built, she has made friends all over the world.

“Countless friendships started because of my work and the associated community that I’m not even aware of. Many people would not have met, and friendships not formed if it hadn’t been for what I do. It makes me so proud to be able to facilitate those connections.”

Deciding to take this hobby website seriously 18 months ago, Karen’s goal was to have a location independent business that generated sales whether or not she was actively on the computer.

“I was able to live in Thailand for 6 months last year because I wanted to ‘work online and travel’. That was such an incredible experience to live in a totally different way in a different country. When I came back from Thailand last June, I moved to Hamilton.”

Not one to be confined to one thing, Karen also spends her time providing consulting and advice for businesses interested in selling online or who need digital strategy.

“Recently I started Hamilton E-Commerce & Online Entrepreneurs so that others who have online businesses can learn from each other. The meetups have been very successful and are gaining recognition and momentum. When you have an online business, your suppliers, partners, clients, etc are all online. The meetup allows individuals to tap into the human, local side of online businesses. This is also why I work out of CoMotion, it’s great to have ‘coworkers’ throughout the day when the people I normally work with I never (or rarely) see or meet.”

Karen’s next E-Commerce Meetup is this Sunday, April 15th! Come out and take advantage of her amazing expertise!

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