The Heart and Hub of the Hammer

The Heart and Hub of the Hammer

The passion people have for Hamilton here at CoMotion is evident just about every day. It would be no exaggeration to say my own fondness for our Ambitious City is one reason why I enjoy coworking here so much. I’ve found I’m definitely not alone. CoMotion member Matthew Surina lives and breathes Hamilton – he is Hub of the Hammer.

Here at CoMotion, we’re right in the heart of Hamilton’s revitalization. So, people like me don’t have to go far to find a discussion about all the events and activities happening. At any given event, there could be a number of these convos happening concurrently. But then there are people who are actually giving us stuff to talk about. And that’s where Matt and Hub of the Hammer come in.

Creating a Scene

Being a stand-up comic, you know that any event that Matt plans or hosts is bound to have some laughs. Fun simply ensues. And that’s been the widespread allure of the Hub of the Hammer Trivia series. Themed trivia nights happen every Tuesday at Lou Dawg’s, just off of Queen St., and Wednesdays up at the Honest Lawyer – Stone Church Rd. and Upper Ottawa St.; typically the themes revolve around a movie or TV show and sometimes will have you naming that tune. Basically, it’s a really fun way to enjoy a few Collective Arts brews on a Tuesday and/or Wednesday night.

The First Timers Club

Hub of Hammer also runs unique night where you can give stand-up comedy a try. (Just typing that made me nervous!) It’s a cool chance to see if your office break-room antics can make more than the interns laugh. Plus, you also get the chance to see the pros try out some new material. First Timers nights are hosted by Zyla’s Music+Menu on James Street North – which has a delicious menu and a really cool environment.

Hammer Night Live

Over at the Staircase Café – another unique HamOnt venue – Hub of the Hammer runs Hammer Night Live. This is an event that’s been happening for four years. One Friday every month, Matt hosts comedians and a musical act for one interesting variety show. It’s a bit unpredictable, and always entertaining.

Bringing the Hub to the heart

Recently, the Downtown BIA approached Matt to bring some Hub of the Hammer to the heart of the Hammer. The Summer Promenade in Gore Park – which has been such an amazing addition to the ambiance of downtown – was seeking some lunchtime fun for the program. And there’s nothing like a little noon-hour comedy to brighten people’s day! And for Matt, who does his coworking out of CoMotion on King, events don’t get much more convenient than a 2-minute walk over to Gore Park.

Hub of the Hammer at Summer Promenade

The convenience of being downtown is something Matt cites as a key reason he has set up shop at CoMotion on King. But it definitely isn’t the only reason. Like many other members, working from the kitchen table presents piles of challenges – motivational and functional. And also like other members, it didn’t take much to see what the place had to offer.

“I had the chance to come check out CoMotion on King and I really liked what I saw. There’s such a cool vibe here that really pushes you.”

The opportunity to network and simply help others within the coworking space has provided a solid foundation for Hub of the Hammer operations. In fact, he’s even helped a fellow CoMotion business, Sidenote Boutique, run one of their fashion shows – always a popular event here at CoMotion on King.

Making an event an event

These connections along with the exposure – and, of course, a whole pile of hard work – have had the intended effect of bolstering the corporate and social event planning part of his business. And his immersion in the local community becomes an important selling feature. He knows what venue would work best, he knows what people would be the right fit and he knows how to bring it all together and make it come to life. That’s a pretty solid mix. I’ve been to enough corporate events in my day to know there are a lot that could’ve used that. From what I’ve seen of Matt, and Hub of the Hammer events, it’s a pretty safe bet that event attendees will be leaving with a smile on their face.