My coworking match-up with Urbanicity

My coworking match-up with Urbanicity

The diversity of businesses here at CoMotion leads to a diversity of opportunity. A few conversations and some good timing gave me the chance to write for Urbanicity Magazine.

Urbanicity is an urban monthly publication that’s found in it’s newspaper format all over downtown Hamilton and throughout the amalgamated city. Thanks to its acquisition by Forge & Foster, a primary tenant at CoMotion as well as the owners of the building, the coworking law of proximity came in to play. I’m a writer. They need writing. Cross each other enough in the hallway and, at the very least, a conversation about writing is bound to happen

 Applying skills to new experiences.

My copywriting generally resides in the advertising industry. From dancing on this keyboard to define a brand, to writing TV and radio scripts, there may not be a communication vehicle that I haven’t had the chance to work with. But, aside from blogging, the idea of telling longer stories – even writing an opinion piece – wasn’t really on the radar.

But, the world of coworking can be wildly unpredictable; and match up of ‘skill’ and ‘need’ can result from a simple trip to the coffee machine. Lucky for me, a meeting something along those lines occurred with Urbanicity’s Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Fernandes. Not long after, I was penning my first article for the publication about the incredible transformation of The Royal Connaught.

Telling the stories of Hamilton

This, for me, has been the rewarding part of this opportunity. It’s not just the writing, it’s getting to meet people who are transforming our city. It’s talking to people like Rudi Spallacci Jr. of the Spallacci Group while writing about The Royal Connaught; or chatting with Brad Lamb about Television City and future condo developments in downtown Hamilton. While writing about the “A Day On The Bridge” event last summer, I was able to have a lengthy chat with organizer, Patrick Bermingham, about the need to preserve our city’s natural areas like Cootes Paradise. It’s getting to immerse myself in some of these amazing initiatives and projects that are truly shaping our city.

More recently, I’ve been able to delve into the HamOnt sports scene; investigating how the Hamilton Bulldogs are fueling downtown business and why lacrosse’s Hamilton Bengals are worth our attention. For a sports fan like me, these are incredibly fun to write.

Building up some personal brand equity

This part of my coworking adventure has really been all about following my passions. It’s allowed me to share my passion for Hamilton and a few of the things that give this city it’s character. And, having my bio at the bottom of each article has undeniable benefits to my personal branding efforts. Positive and personally rewarding results that spawned from locating myself in proximity to those who could use my services.



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