CoMotion Partner Spotlight: Tammy Hwang

We chatted with one of our awesome Partners, Tammy Hwang, and learned why she truly is the biggest cheerleader and champion for not only Hamilton but for all small businesses. Find out what this True Hamiltonian considers the best thing about this city, her day job at the City, and her surprising hobby.

– What is your profession?
I work for the City of Hamilton in Economic Development. My role is to work with immigrants, newcomers, international students, and foreign firm to get them to start businesses and invest in Hamilton. I also support our local academic institutions by creating programs to retain international students to stay in Hamilton beyond graduation. Part of my work is facilitating foreign delegations when they come to Hamilton to visit as well as working with international consulates and other economic development agencies for our foreign direct investment program. Other areas that I work on include driving Hamilton’s smart city and intelligent community journey… where we are trying to digitize and modernize City Services so that our community will be able to interact with City Hall better… and we future proof our technology infrastructure for an open and transparent, digitally enabled future.

– What are your hobbies?
Johhny.  and Mike…. and eating… and gardening… and maybe a bit of billiards.

– What is your favourite thing about Hamilton?
Hard to answer this question… I love everything about Hamilton… ask my international friends who don’t live in Canada. They’ll tell you I’m a huge cheerleader for all things Hamilton. I love that we are very pro local, we buy local and support local. Look at how much we love our restaurants, True Hamiltonian, Ticats, Arkells… we’re a really hometown proud kind of city.

– What do you love about the CoMotion/CoWorking world?

The community that is created around CoMotion and coworking in general. I love chatting with our current members and learning about what they’re working on and what’s “keeping them up at night”. On the flip side, it’s especially awesome to run into past members on the street and chat like no time has passed. Coworking colleagues are just awesome like that, they’re open, friendly, and totally embody the networking/entrepreneur spirit. I can’t say this enough, community is what makes coworking awesome.

Hamilton is so lucky to have this Jackie-of-all-trades living, working, and playing in this community, and we are so happy to have her as a Partner!