The A to Generation Z of Amanda

The A to Generation Z of Amanda

Every month at CoMotion on King, the who’s who of the emerging Gen Z, let alone the full spectrum of Y, X, and Boomers, come out to talk about the ideas, issues, and goals of this young but mighty generation at Amanda Pope’s monthly Generation Z nights!  (BTW, find details on the next one here)

Amanda Pope is an ambitious, positive and enthusiastic 20-year-old TV host and business owner. While balancing the responsibilities as a student in Ryerson University’s journalism program, she is also the CEO and founder of Living With Purpose Senior CarePope was inspired to start this company in 2014 after her grandfather suffered from five cardiac arrests causing him to become paralyzed. After witnessing his transition from being an active, independent man to being in a vegetative state, she realized that many elderly people experience similar obstacles. Through LWP Senior Care, Pope and her team, support the elderly community and help them to age with grace.

Pope started her company at the age of 15, and as a young entrepreneur she soon realized the value in supporting youth startups through mentorship. This led her to starting the Generation Z movement in Hamilton. Her goal is to inspire young entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their company, and realize that age is just a number and it should not limit them from following their dreams.

She is now the community producer and host of Cable 14’s Generation Z, the editor of the Generation Z Hamilton online blog and the event manager of the monthly Generation Z Hamilton networking events. This open forum meeting is a way for young entrepreneurs to build their connections, learn from the keynote speakers and discover the business resources that Hamilton offers startups. Furthermore, Amanda is a researcher/reporter for CBC, a reporter for RUtv News and a former multimedia reporter for the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre.

After completing her Bachelor degree, Amanda plans to pursue a career as a business talk show host and to expand her business internationally.

Amanda has a passion for making a difference and being the light in her community through volunteering and organizing events. When she is not participating in these leadership-related activities, she enjoys traveling the world, reading a book on the beach, or doing yoga and ballroom dancing.