CoMotion Partner Spotlight: Kevin Browne

We sat down with Kevin Browne, one of our awesome partners to ask him some questions about his day job, hobbies, and that awesome hardware he’s holding!

– What is your profession?

I am a full-time Professor at Mohawk College teaching in the software development programs.  I teach a lot of programming courses, in particular web development courses.  I also coordinate my department’s outreach activities to elementary and secondary schools, where we introduce computer programming and technology career pathways to students.

– What are your hobbies?
I’m a really big Tiger-Cat fan, I’m at every game and watch all the away games on TV.  I also like old video games, especially the 90s era classics. Right now I’m building a Dreamcast collection.

 – What is your favourite thing about Hamilton?
Hamilton is very special because it has a very distinct history that’s shaped it and created a unique identity – authentic, good-natured, with a gritty work ethic.

– What do you love about the CoMotion/CoWorking world?
I’m a teacher so I love seeing people grow.  When CoMotion started, I figured it would involve a lot of entrepreneurs renting offices and that a nice supportive, collaborative community would form, and all that’s happened.  But what really blows me away is how many people I’ve seen benefit from it in terms of rapid personal and professional growth.  We’ve had people come in renting a shared desk, with no prior business experience, essentially just giving freelancing a try, and within a couple years they’ve hired so many employees that they need to leave for a bigger space, or they’ve been successful enough to sell their company.  It’s very satisfying watching people reach for and achieve their audacious dream goals.

Kevin was the recent recipient of The Award of Excellence from Mohawk College. It is Mohawk’s highest honour and is awarded to an employee who exemplifies the college’s core values and strategic priorities, enhances the image and reputation of their program, department, or the college, and is committed to lifelong learning in themselves and others. We are so proud of him and this amazing achievement and are so happy to have him as a Partner!