Blogging from the Rooftop

Blogging from the Rooftop

I’ve escaped to the rooftop. As a writer who’s run head-long into a bit of writers block, I need a little bit of inspiration that the indoors just doesn’t seem to be providing. Let’s see if CoMotion On King’s sun-soaked patio can do the trick.

Some sun to melt away the writer’s block.

It’s Monday. Like most, getting the engine firing on all cylinders seems to be a daunting task. But, the ‘to do’ list this week is a long one – which, as a freelancer, is a good thing – so the time allocated for delaying, stalling, hesitating, and YouTubing better be kept to a relative sliver on the pie chart.

Today is a toasty one – it has to be eyeing in on 30 degrees, so my time up here will probably be limited. Before any beads of sweat show up I’ll be heading back into the A/C. But, for the time being, the breeze up here is keeping things comfortable. Leaning back in my chair, sunny skies are the backdrop for the impressive architecture of the old buildings.

Peace and quiet with plenty of energy.

The ambiance up here on the patio is really cool. Relaxed, but active. It’s quiet but there’s the din of nearby construction and the street-sounds below. A few car honks, a raised voice or two creeps above the rest, and the odd siren to send just enough adrenaline into your veins. Such a cool place to sit with your laptop; a stimulating change of scenery that can infuse some energy into any work day. Regardless of what you’re working on.

Better yet, as I write this, I’ve flipped back and added a few more headlines to the article I had been struggling with. In the last 20 minutes, I’ve come up with more than the hour previous. Nothing like a change of scenery to get the neurons firing. Yet another illustration of how coworking here at CoMotion can be such a benefit to the freelancer – and/or people working independently.

If you’re reading this from your kitchen table or a coffee shop, I suggest you come down and have a look. Inside and up here are pretty sweet places to be doing work. Each with it’s own interesting vibe that can give you a push when you need it.

Feeling the heat now, so I think it’s time to wrap this little real-time status blog up and head back into the comforts of the couches and air conditioning. Plus, we’re back on the path of productivity. Mission accomplished!


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