An Alumni chat with Piranha Studios

An Alumni chat with Piranha Studios

More and more I’m seeing the incubation benefits of CoMotion. In the past year or so, I’ve had the chance to connect with a number of businesses who have since grown out of their coworking space. To me, this is a good thing.  CoMotion is providing the fuel that leads to business growth. It’s as simple as that.

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Nick Tolentino of Piranha Studios. Nick has operated Piranha Studios from both CoMotion 302 and CoMotion-on-King. Since then, Piranha’s operations have set up shop in Oakville – providing corporate communications and videos, brand development, websites, and incredible photography for a wide range of clients. It was a chance to learn about the impact CoMotion has had on this business.

When you decided to start your business, what appealed to you about a coworking space versus a traditional office or home office?

When I first started, I wanted a place to network with like minded individuals. I signed up for a hot desk membership at Platform 302 (now known as Comotion 302). When I moved to Hamilton in 2011, coworking wasn’t really a thing. And, with the exceptions of what was offered through the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, resources available to young entrepreneurs were limited. Fast forward to 2014, a coworking concept was in place and I was curious to see how it would help me. I formed some valuable relationships that you couldn’t get working from home.

How did your experience at CoMotion enable your business to flourish?

My experience at CoMotion gave me more confidence to spark initial conversations. Simply having presence in the space gave our business exposure and the chance to engage; so, whenever people would walk by, they remember my company. We’d have business cards up at the front desk, too. They would run out and I would always have to remember to stock up again.

CoMotion-on-King and CoMotion 302 have two different feels to them. Both are professional settings in their own style. It’s what you make it at the end of the day.

Did you ever work, or do business with, a fellow CoMotion member/ business?

Yes, I would always try to pay it forward so to speak. I still use my bookkeeper, The Business Guys, and as well serve members who are not there anymore. It’s important for other businesses to use other businesses within a coworking space – it feeds the culture and helps build others.

If an entrepreneur came to you looking for advice on office-space selection, what sort of insights would you give them about a coworking space like CoMotion?

Well I had a corner office near the front desk. It was a high traffic area, so lots of opportunity to promote within your space. The noise wasn’t so distracting because it was far enough from the event space. Depending on what level and needs you have as a business, starting off small is the way to go; even if it is to hot desk for awhile. But most importantly take advantage of the social atmosphere. Don’t be shy!