Creative inspiration in downtown Hamilton

Creative inspiration in downtown Hamilton

Today’s coworking adventure takes me just outside the cozy confines of CoMotion. Every so often, I’ll grab the laptop, maybe a bite to eat, and head over to Gore Park for some creative inspiration. Not only is the early-September weather nearly perfect, but this entire area is in a massive state of growth and transition.

Constructing and creating.

There’s something inspiring about my entire peripheral view being under construction. And, before you get the wrong idea, I’m not sitting in a dust-cloud being deafened by jack-hammers. The background noise of demolition to the right and construction to the left is merely a noticeable part of the background – perhaps, drowned out by the sound of the Gore Park fountain. The contrast of “peaceful park” and “urban renewal” is certainly an interesting dynamic. I like it. Plenty of stimulation to ignite the creative thought process without trampling all over it.

Ambition, growth, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

This feels like the epicentre of ambitious growth and renewal. It’s a feeling that, in a way, mirrors the ambitions of every entrepreneur here at CoMotion. We’re all building something. We’re all putting our own signature on a product or service – perhaps, even developing a new model that’s better than what’s been done before. It could also be a metaphor for our personal development. Many of those – self-included – who hold post here at CoMotion are redefining themselves professionally. After spending some time in a conventional, corporate occupation, the entrepreneurial bug bit and now a redevelopment is in progress. A new idea is being brought to life and a new direction is being taken.

Immersed in inspiration.

If you’re an entrepreneur, operating a small business, or just get to enjoy the luxury of working remotely, I highly recommend coming to check this place out – especially while the weather is still nice. Immersing yourself among like-minded entrepreneurs can be invigorating – not to mention it puts you within shouting distance of skills and resources. But being part of an environment that’s developing incredibly fast is an intangible that’s definitely worth experiencing.