Is It Time to Move Out of Your Home Office?

Starting an at-home business can be exciting. You think you can do it all right from your spare bedroom / home office – and you can, for a long time. But, some businesses get to a point where it’s impossible to keep it at home. Home has a lot of distractions and problems sometimes. This is especially true if you have any type of inventory you need to keep up with, or employees that need work space.

Here are some points that will help you decide if it’s time to move out of your home office.

You Need to Hire an Employee

Having employees come to your home can be awkward for you and the person you hire. It can also open you up to legal issues if you’re not careful.

Home Has Too Many Distractions

Are people always coming in and out of your home such as kids, friends of your kids, spouses, dogs, and even neighbors? If you’re finding it hard to get work done, then you may need to get your own space away from the chaos.

You’re Depressed and Lonely

Some people are able to work from home and love every second of it. But, others feel very lonely and isolated. If are starting to feel down due to the lack of contact with the outside world, take that as a sign to get an office.

You Need Clients to Visit Your Place of Business

It’s just not safe to have clients visiting you at home. It might also be against the rules for where you live. Some cities and some home owner associations do not allow businesses to be run in the housing area if they require either inventory or customer visitors.

Your Business Is Quickly Outgrowing Your Space

Even if you’re allowed to have visitors and inventory, if your business is literally taking over your home then it’s time to consider an office and storage.

Zoning Law Issues

Not every area allows every type of business in the home. Don’t try to break the law or sneak under the radar. Instead, find a way to rent an office when you need to so that you can be successful.

Your Kids Are Too Needy

If you’re trying to find time to work but you can’t due to the fact that your kids can always find you, then you may need to get an office. There are inexpensive office options, time shares, and more in most cities.

It can be scary to think of moving to an office. However, there are some offices that rent by the day and even the hour in some cities. You might want to try this type of system first to see how it works out and feels for you before making a long-term commitment.