E-Commerce: Increase Order Size

If you’ve ever shopped online yourself, you know that often at checkout you’re offered other add-on items or given suggestions of what else you might like to buy. It even happens at fast food joints and restaurants. “Would you like fries with that?” “Have you seen our dessert tray?” This is a great way to increase each order size. Increasing order size is an essential way to grow your business.


This is a way of selling that requires mentioning to your customer another product that costs more, or is an upgrade to the current product or service which ultimately makes the entire purchase more expensive. For example, you might sell a report that explains how to lose weight and when they click on that to learn more, you suggest the book that is longer and more expensive. If you sell items that need servicing, you can offer a service contract with the purchase.


A good example of cross-selling is the weight loss book example. Sell the weight loss book and offer additions such as a pedometer, a weight loss diary, a scale, vitamins and even one-on-one counseling and support. If you sell jewelry and someone clicks on some silver earrings, you might also suggest some titanium earrings that are more expensive or a better quality. If you sell any physical items, you can always suggest the more expensive item.

Volume Promotions

This is a great way to sell more items by giving a special price for selling more than one. This works great during the holidays when people are looking for gifts to give to their employees and clients. It can even work for people with large families. Offer a discount for ordering more or for bundling more items into one big purchase.

Increasing order size is a great way to expand e-commerce growth. It’s a tactic that works for all kinds of businesses – whether they are product or service focused. Give one of these ideas a try depending on what types of products you are selling.

*This article is not intended to replace professional business advice and planning. Always contact professionals regarding any business advice, financials, planning, operations, and/or management.