The Coworking Visa: Work from almost anywhere

Yep, I admit it. I’m just discovering the Coworking Visa now. After about 2 years in the coworking game, I’ve just learned that membership gives you access to shared office spaces around the world. For a small business with international clients, this can be a game changer.

Membership has its (worldwide) benefits.

It was a blustry fall day here in Hamilton when a Facebook post from CoMotion caught my attention. What was said post about? Not a clue. But, it somehow ended up taking  me somewhere and learning about the Coworking Visa. Intrigued, I dug into this a little further.

Even as I pen this, I’ve overheard a conversation about a member spending some recent work-time in New York. I know a number of small businesses within this space, as well as outside it, who spend a significant amount of time travelling for business. Visiting clients, pitching their services in untapped markets, or on a film set doing some shooting in another city. For all of these businesses, the ability to post-up in a shared-office setting would be invaluable. Especially if their visit lasts more than a day or two.

Hotel rooms – great for watching TV, snacking & sleeping.

For anyone who’s done even a tiny bit of business travelling, a hotel room is not the greatest working environment. Sure, it’s not a bad spot to chip away on a few things before bed. But if the intensity elevates beyond that, most would be muttering many expletives about their desire for some office space.

Even close to home, the Coworking Visa provides members with space in Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, and St. Catharines. This can be an invaluable benefit to the on-the-go entrepreneur.

If you’re a business that spends some time on the road, this well worth looking into. Best of all, if you’re a CoMotion member, it’s free to sign up!