Jet Propelled: Strategy at Warp Speed

Brad Dean

If you don’t know Brad Dean, you should know Brad Dean.

Ryan LaFlamme

Brad and his company Jet Propelled are a recent but mighty entry into the GTHA marketing firm landscape.

Despite Jet Propelled being only three years old, Brad brings a wide breadth of tried, tested, and innovatively true strategy, creativity, and technical expertise to his work.  Particularly when you factor in working with his primary business affiliate, Ryan LaFlamme of Hub and Spoke Creative.

Of Jet Propelled itself, Brad says “we have nearly 20 years of experience and have used that to put together a business model to handle all Marketing & Communications needs through in-house practitioners and a supplementary network of specialists. Every project we handle, big or small, begins with developing a sound strategy and plan of attack before moving on to the hands-on work. Our website lists the primary services we offer but we are a solutions-based agency that is ready to take on any challenge as needed.

A relatively recent member of our CoMotion 302 space, Brad and Jet Propelled have been big supporters of the CoMotion community since the very beginning, taking tours of and talking up our CoMotion on King space since even before it was constructed!

As members, they have become instantly amazing contributors to the community diving right into everything from potlucks, to lunch and learns, to clean-ups and more.

This likely has to do with their mutual belief in doing things with a purpose.  Whether it is client work or contributing to a community, Brad likes to ensure everything is anchored in a comprehensive “why.”

“Once you establish this deeper understanding, it gives you what you need to tackle the challenge ahead.”

With this sort of calm, creative, well-considered drive, Jet Propelled are greatly appreciated members of the CoMotion community, valued contributors to the Hamilton business community, and an extremely talented team for any client who takes them on.