Eff Tales: Sharing stories of eff-ups n’ errors

Eff Tales: Sharing stories of eff-ups n’ errors

Listen, share and learn from the effing frustrating moments we wish we could do over. 

And we’re back. Another year of coworking here at CoMotion begins. The Holiday’s have quickly concluded and, just like that, we’re firing on all cylinders. Almost, anyway. One new addition here that I’m looking forward to is “Eff Tales” – a chance learn from, laugh at, and celebrate, our mistakes.

The wisdom of coworkers. 

Yes, coworking provides the benefit of being part of a network. And, yes, there are plenty of advantages to being part of such a diverse group of entrepreneurs. But one thing that hadn’t really occurred to me is the ability to collectively navigate around, or through, the typical (and not-so typical) pitfalls of running your own business.

Learning from mistakes…ideally, made by others. 

This is what Eff Tales are all about. Well, really, it’s a chance to tell a few war-stories and have a few laughs. And who doesn’t like a some self-deprecation while reminiscing over a beverage or two, right? That’s the cool part – it looks and feels like a fun, social evening; but there’s a definite educational value to it. Making mistakes is a key part of how we learn – but, I’ve always found the best mistakes are the ones other people make. Here, we can get those all-important life lessons without all the hassle of falling on our faces first. And, as entrepreneurs, we all know that those proverbial face-plants are often reflected on our balance sheet. 

The first Evening of Eff Tales is January 30th – 7pm, at CoMotion. 

Join us for some good stories, great conversations and a few refreshments. A list of speakers is set to be released soon, so check out the Facebook Event here