CoMotion Featured In The Hamilton Spectator

CoMotion has been featured in The Hamilton Spectator! Which is fitting, seeing as how we’re in the building that used to house The Hamilton Spectator in it’s infancy. Now come full circle, here we are. A new startup business in it’s infancy, in the same building.

Thick layers of dust cover the stairs and floors. It’s drafty, the floors feel spongy in places and lights are strung with extension cords hanging from the high ceiling.

But this expansive third floor facing the Royal Connaught will soon be Hamilton’s newest and biggest shared working space. The four founders are calling it CoMotion on King.

The name comes because shared work spaces are disrupting traditional office arrangements, says one founder, Ryan Moran. Plus, it has a headline feel to it and that’s appropriate given that the building, 115 King St. E., was home to The Hamilton Spectator for more than 50 years.

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A big thanks to Meredith MacLeod, Business Reporter at The Spec, for covering our pre-launch event.