You’re invited to CoMotion’s 3rd!

You’re invited to CoMotion’s 3rd!

CoMotion hosts a fairly steady stream of events throughout the year – a definite benefit of membership; but, the birthday party always gets circled a little brighter on the calendar. It’s a time where the community really does come together.

I feel pretty lucky. I’ve had the chance to attend 2 of the 3 CoMotion birthday gatherings. So, reviewing the percentages, that’s some solid experience with these soirees. Though, if you’re following more than a handful of people in the HamOnt small business or young professional network, you’ve likely seen some pics. CoMotion events, particularly the birthday parties, are always done well. And this upcoming birthday party – slated for September 25th – will be well worth the free admission. Plenty of cold local beverages, nicely catered delectables, great tunes and lots of great conversation to be had.

Get your FREE tickets for the CoMotion – State of the Motion – 3rd Birthday Celebration here!

Events done well.

The event space at CoMotion on King is perfect for hosting these gatherings. Enough open space to feel comfortable, yet confined enough to feel intimate. Plus, having the windowed backdrop that overlooks the lit-up King Street and Royal Connaught is pretty cool, too. The setting itself seems to foster plenty of conversations about downtown Hamilton’s revival among guests – always a fruitful icebreaker if you’re meeting new people.

All about the crowd.

Like any event, it’s the people that make it. First and foremost, you can meet a lot of cool people with some interesting stories. What’s impressed me in the past is the diversity of the crowd – a testament to just how far and wide the CoMotion network reaches. Sure, this may be the territory of the small business and start-up, but that’s definitely not a limitation. At previous events I’ve had the chance to meet people who work in real estate, broadcast and film production, construction, others who work within city departments, or in various positions at Mac and Mohawk, as well as Hamilton Heath Sciences; not to mention those who work at the various advertising and design shops.  So, needless to say, it’s a good place to do some networking.

Birthday membership incentives.

To celebrate the big number 3, CoMotion is also offering more than just good food and bevies. This year’s festivities are also about introducing more members to this coworking community. And that growth is what leads to even more opportunities.

New Member Offer – Get one month free for any desk or office membership term over six months. Offer valid until September 30th.  

In-keeping with theme of network growth, there’s also a reward for current CoMotion members who bring new members in.

Member Incentive Program – 1 Month FREE for any new 12 month (desk or office) membership you refer to CoMotion, OR 50% off your next month for any referred membership term under 12 months

If you want to take advantage of either of these deals, or if you have any questions, just shoot an email to [email protected]

This is a great way to encourage more people to see what coworking at CoMotion is all about. New faces bring new perspectives, which results in collaborations that lead to new opportunities. I’ve been lucky enough to see this happen and to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to raising a few glasses on September 25th, and I look forward to seeing a few new faces around the office.



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