Rooftop Patio Party Time

Rooftop Patio Party Time

The moment you walk into CoMotion On King you feel it. The place has atmosphere. There’s a vibe, an energy, that every member talks about – and it’s an enormous part of the coworking appeal. In the summer months, that atmosphere extends to the sunny skies of the beautiful rooftop patio. And on Thursday, June 29th, this patio will be hopping.

A view of Hamilton rising around you.

The rooftop patio is a feature of CoMotion On King that really can’t be understated. Whether you’re heading up there with your laptop to do some work, or taking a well-deserved break, it’s a pretty sweet place to be. As soon as you swing open the door the view grabs hold of you. The cityscape surrounds – grand historic buildings, the glass towers, the gritty rooftops and backlots, and even the greenery of the escarpment. It’s all there to take in.

But it’s more than urban scenery. You’re also immersed in our city’s renewal. And that’s a scene that plays out before your eyes. Directly across the street, the newly revamped Royal Connaught continues its own rooftop and penthouse extensions. Look west and LIUNA’s 20-story tower can be seen rising up and taking shape. It’s a really cool panoramic view that seems uniquely Hamilton.

On Thursday June 29th, you’re invited to the CoMotion on King Rooftop Patio Party.

This Thursday, CoMotion On King is kicking off the Canada 150 long weekend by inviting you to some rooftop patio festivities. This is a chance to see it at its best – with the delectable tastes of Ramped Up Catering (these guys always impress at CoMotion events), the frosty flavours of Collective Arts brews and some tunes to set the tone.

This is gonna be a good one – a fun night under the twilight of downtown Hamilton. Reserve your spot here; this will definitely be well worth the free admission price!