All Set To Toast CoMotion’s 2nd!

All Set To Toast CoMotion’s 2nd!

This one’s been circled on the calendar for a while now. On September 14th, we get to celebrate CoMotion’s 2nd birthday. Two years has provided plenty to celebrate – this is sure to be a good one! Everyone is welcome and the admission is free.

Coworking, networking and local brews.

Being dubbed “the biggest coworking networking event of the year”, this is definitely a ‘can’t miss’. Ask anyone who’s ever been to a CoMotion event of any kind, let alone a large-scale party, they never disappoint. And, of course, it’s always a good time when Ramped Up Catering is serving up appies while Collective Arts is in the house pouring their artistry. (If you’ve never tried a Stash, here’s your recommendation and excuse.)

Packin’ them in for some CoMotion festivities.

I joined the coworking fray at CoMotion shortly after the 1st birthday party; and in the almost-year since, these events have given me the chance to meet some really cool people. Getting to share conversations and bevies with the brains behind cool start-ups like True Hamiltonian, Bruha, NVC Software Solutions, and Next Era Building Inc. is one of the coolest parts of coworking. Period. It’s inspiring to hear their stories and sense their energy. And in a few cases, conversations at these events have resulted in getting to work on some very cool projects. Really, this is the Ambitious City live and in person.

It’s not only about coworking, start-ups and young professionals – this is a Hamilton thing.

As a Hamilton enthusiast – and these events attract no shortage of us – it’s refreshing to be among the young professionals who are shaping the future of the city. The presence, efforts and involvement of Hamilton HIVE, a group that works to nurture the development and profile of young professionals in the city, often ensures a solid contingent at CoMotion events. And that’s a cool thing to see. You feel the future of the city growing brighter. Knowing that not so long ago, many of those people would have opted to move down the highway to find their opportunities.

Seeing this building thrive again is worth raising a glass.

Aside from the food, the beverages and the company, the building itself is well worth the visit. The former Spectator building that houses CoMotion On King was a dilapidated, abandon-for-decades, long forgotten blight in the heart of our downtown. Just seeing how it’s been resurrected as this amazing coworking and event space is almost unbelievable.

It almost feels like a living commentary about Hamilton – written off not long ago and now flourishing with an adapted approach. And so much like the city, it’s taken good ideas, some ambitious people and whole pile of hard work to make such a positive difference.

That feels like a pretty awesome reason to celebrate!

Register today for this free event to ensure you’re on the guest list. And, remember, everyone is welcome to join – so bring along a few guests.